In the UK, big data industry will increase by as much as
177% over the next few years.

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Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and machine learning are an expanding marketplace. 

The UK boasts one of the world’s strongest and most developed data analytics sectors that continues to grow year on year. So much so, the big data industry will increase by as much as 177% over the next few years.

To avoid being left behind by technological change, modern organisations must embrace the power of data to gain a competitive advantage over rival companies.

Change Digital has a team of recruitment consultants specialising in Data Analytic technologies allowing for better conversations with candidates to find relevant opportunities for their skillset and career ambitions. We make it our goal to help modern businesses recruit the top digital talent across the country.


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A one-size-fits-all recruitment approach isn’t going to cut it.

Regardless of whether you’re an HR team looking to recruit a new data analyst, or you’re a machine learning engineer trying to find your next big job opportunity, a one-size-fits-all recruitment approach isn’t going to cut it.

We have a team of professional consultants with technology certifications and experience across digital industries. This gives us the ability to deliver a personalised recruitment service to meet your exact needs. We’ll help you navigate the competitive landscape and technical challenges of the recruitment process.

Our specialism lies in broadening the talent pool while saving employers time by connecting you with the most relevant candidates. We’ll put you in reaching-distance of the top data experts and digital talent so you can take your organisation to newfound heights.

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Helping you find the best digital & technology
candidates and opportunities.

Our data science recruitment
service covers:

  • Robotics

  • Machine Learning

  • AI

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Science

Explore the latest
digital career opportunities

Discover a variety of careers opportunities, including:

  • Data Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Architect

  • Business Intelligence Developer

  • Data Analyst

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Reach out to get in touch with our data-focused recruiting team to find out how we can help connect your business with the relevant candidates.

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