The world of agency recruitment continues to change fast.  Over the last few years we have seen an increase in organisations of all levels investing in their own direct hire recruitment capabilities and enhancing their Employer Value Proposition (the perception potential new employees have of them as a company and why existing employees stay!). The role of Talent Acquisition within organisations has evolved rapidly from reactive recruitment administration to proactive and advanced talent pipelining.  Most Talent Acquisition professionals we work with now are good, no, very good at what they do.  Generally they will fill anywhere from 70-90% of jobs themselves but still need specialist support for the remaining.

I’ve read many articles on the impact of big data, social media and how technology is helping to shape agency recruitment.  Over the last 12 months I’ve also sat in more than my fair share of product demo’s, video services and analytic platforms for talent mapping and automation.  Most of them I like and see some real value helping to automate process and enhance the journey and experience for clients and candidates.  Some of these we have invested now and others later in the year.

They will make us quicker, more nimble and provide the technology to build talent communities in those 10-20% of roles our clients struggle to fill.  The difficult to fill roles.

However, what I have yet to see in a demo is any form of artificial intelligence or machine learning that enhances or shapes actual conversations our recruitment consultants have.  And for me this is the key area to focus on and stay relevant as a recruiter.  Focus on trust and relationship based recruiting, be human and be authentic in all your conversations.  In the world of technology and engineering recruitment invest time in understanding and learning the skillsets you are recruiting for.  You will have better initial conversations that will lead to repeat conversations that builds the foundations of a network.  Your network is what makes you relevant to candidates and the Talent Acquisition community.

At Change Digital our consultants have completed various courses and training including AWS Solutions Architecture, Cyber Security Response Management, Agile PM, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, Microsoft Power BI and C++ programming.  As a result we are able to have better more detailed conversations.

Time matters and we want to make every conversation relevant.

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