Gillian Williamson, Marketing Manager took some time out to chat with Kyle Gilmour about his experience so far working at Change Digital.

What made you consider a role within recruitment?

My first role after university was working as a resourcing consultant/ account manager. This role involved managing job campaigns and posting job adverts across the top job boards. Although the role wasn’t a 100% recruiter role, this is where I picked up my first experience of recruitment.

I then went on to study a MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Strathclyde, which I was awarded with distinction in 2020. After graduating I then moved into an internal recruiter role which allowed me to utilise my HR education while also expanding further my recruitment career.

I saw working in recruitment as the ideal career for me as it would allow me to use my HR experience whilst offering a candidate focused approach.

What do you like about working in recruitment?

I enjoy the sense of fulfilment when you have put considerable time into recruiting a role and you then see a great candidate accept their dream position.

I enjoy talking to people and meeting new candidates every day. I want to help candidates find the right next move for them, and I enjoy how people focused my role is.

What attracted you to Change Digital?

Within my previous role as an internal recruiter at a digital consultancy I was recruiting for similar roles that Change Digital recruit for. When the opportunity came up at Change Digital I was really intrigued and loved the idea of joining an experienced team that could help guide my growth as a recruiter.

The team at Change Digital work closely together and there is a genuine shared goal that we all work towards. Everyone is happy to assist and help each other succeed.

What is the best part about your role?

I think for me its when candidates become really set on a role they really want. You can do everything to assist them and help them through the process along the way, but seeing a candidate land a dream role is an extremely rewarding thing. Knowing I’ve contributed to making that a reality is very rewarding.

I also enjoy the variety of roles I have been able to work on. I work on roles I am experienced in and others that are newer to me but are allowing me to further expand my knowledge of the market.

I also really enjoy the flexibility at Change Digital, allowing me to work the majority of the time from home but still meet the team in the Edinburgh office on a weekly basis. It feels like the best of both worlds.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am an avid golfer, during the warm months I can usually be found at my local course playing in medal competitions or playing across Scotland in various open competitions. More recently my weekends have been spent buying things for my first house that me and my girlfriend are moving into in October.

If you are looking for your next role please get in touch!

Kyle Gilmour, Recruitment Consultant

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